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One of the most buzz words in the world of diet these days is MCT Oil, Some dieticians call it a superfood and this due to The interesting way that its digested in the body.

MCTs are named after the length of their chemical structure. All types of fatty acids are made up of linked carbon and hydrogen chains. Fats are classified according to the number of carbons they contain: short chain fats (of the type) have fewer than six carbons, medium chain fats of six to 12 carbons and long chain fats (of the type) between 13 and 21.

What makes MCTs an essential source of essential resources? Medium chain fats are easily digested and sent directly to your liver, where they have a thermogenic effect and the ability to positively alter your metabolism. This is one of the reasons why many people claim that MCTs, including coconut oil, are burned by the body to produce energy, or “fuel,” instead of being stored as fat.

Compared to long chain fats, MCTs are more easily absorbed because the body has less work to break carbon bonds. MCTs are smaller, so they can more easily penetrate our cell membranes and do not require the use of special enzymes for our bodies to use them.

One of the primary sources where you can find MCT is coconut oil. It is ideal for ketogenic diets because its digested very quickly but our bodies which represents a fast energy source,MCT oil especially that from coconut oil, is converted into energy or fuel instead of being stored as fat. MCT is e very popular, because the reduced size of their molecules allows them to directly cross the intestinal mucosa, right in the hepatic portal vein. They then reach the liver, where they are quickly metabolized to ketones, which the body uses as an energy source for the brain, muscles, and other tissues. Medium chain fatty acids are considered to be the most digestible and the most used of all existing fatty acids. neurologist Dr. Perlmuter says it is possible to increase the availability of brain ketones by simply adding coconut oil or MCT oil to your daily diet.


Here is a list of the benefits of MCT oil:

  • Weight loss management
  • Balance blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity
  • Improve appetite by decreasing cravings and increasing satiety
  • Increased energy levels and oxygen capacity, which equates to better sports performance
  • Improve vasodilation for better blood circulation in the arteries
  • Treatment of migraines
  • Neuroprotective benefits for seizure-causing disorders
  • Autism and improved behavior
  • Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)
  • Stroke prevention management
  • Management of metabolic syndrome
  • Improve cholesterol
  • Inflammation management

Here are some tips to use MCT Oil:

MCT oil has no taste or smell, which means you can add it to coffee smoothies or any morning drink and you won’t notice the different.

It can also be consumed like any other edible oil and even replace them. Thanks to its properties, it is often used in the keto diet.

You can eat it direct with spoon or on add to your salads or other. MCT coconut oil can also be used as a fatty substance for cooking your food because it resists heat well, without oxidizing.

Finally, it can be applied directly to your skin or hair. It is often used in cosmetics for making different creams (moisturizers, sunscreen, shaving), face masks, scrubs or lip balms.

Commercially, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are available as dietary supplements. Several companies add orange flavor. There are also products with the aroma of butter or olive oil which can therefore be used as seasonings for salad or pasta.

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